General / History


Narva's water supply and wastewater network was officially established on 28 September 1876. So we can certainly say that the towns waterworks are at a quite respectable age. The management system of water supply and wastewater treatment has changed over the years.

  • 1965 Narvas Water Supply and Sewerage Office was established
  • 1971 it was reorganised and renamed Narva Water Supply and Sewerage Management
  • 1984 all managements of the so-called Estonian «Water Channel» were united to form the Water Supply and Sewerage Association. The Narva Management was subordinate to it.
  • 1992 the Public Company Eesti Vesi was founded which included Narva Veevõrk (Narva Water Network)
  • 1993 Narva Vesi became a municipal company
  • 1995 it became a public limited company.